Sunday, January 14, 2007

Update on the Dell Inspiron 6400 & E1505 integrated Sound Blaster Audigy advanced HD Audio issue

The "I Believe Dell Lied" website was established to describe a problem related to the advertising and functionality of the integrated Sound Blaster Audigy advanced HD audio upgrade, offered on certain Dell notebook computers. This blog will have updated information.

While related issues are still in play, the problematic advertising has been addressed in a mostly satisfactory way by Dell. There is still room for improvement, but the fundamental discrepancy in the advertising has been resolved.

  • Dell has changed the manner in which this *software* upgrade is listed on their website, as not to continue to confuse customers into thinking the upgrade is in hardware. They have added the phrase "Software Edition". The word "integrated" remains.
  • Dell has shown me that they are working hard to resolve this issue with customers as best they can. There has been no single solution that suits every Dell customer, so Dell is addressing each customer on a case by case basis.
  • I am convinced that a class action lawsuit would not benefit Dell customers. Making a lawyer wealthier, while customers receive a few dollars out of a settlement that does not rectify the actual problem, is the wrong course of action.
  • This overall issue has been brought directly to the attention of various Dell directors and executives, online, on the phone, and in person. I continue to have an open dialogue with them, and am continuing to pursue additional problems with Dell that have come to my attention.

NOTE: As of 8/30/06 Dell has updated both and the Dell Outlet websites to better reflect that the "integrated Sound Blaster Audigy ADVANCED HD audio" option is a *Software Edition* (Software only) package.

It is not a sound card. It is a CD with software. It does not "come with" a hardware Sound Blaster Audigy upgrade on the E1505 and some other Dell Inspiron models.

Dell still uses the word "integrated" which some people may infer to mean "hardware on the motherboard", or "onboard sound" which it is not in this case.

To clarify, Dell means they are selling Sound Blaster Audigy software that is integrated with audio utlities into a software suite of audio tools, without Sound Blaster Audigy hardware.
The software they provide, virtualizes the "Audigy" features.

In other words, it uses your system processor to emulate the features of a "Sound Blaster Audigy" in software. I'd like to thank Dell for making this change to their website(s), and hope they will take the extra step to clarify the "integrated" issue.


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